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CNC Wire Cutting Machines

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CNC Wire Cutting Machines


Wire cutting machines are increasingly used for block cutting, mainly in hard stone, and for automatic cutting of curved shapes (profiling and contouring). They are based on a system of axes, each with a specific function. Each machine is equipped with a PC-based CNC which runs all system operations and manages the axes movements.


Although tool costs for wire machines are still currently greater than those for the cutting wheel, the signs are reversed in terms of energy cost: wire machines have distinctly lower power consumption and the high cutting speed also partly compensates for the higher tool costs.

Because the wire is constantly in contact with the stone to be cut, the speed advantage is up to 30 percent depending on the material and the wire condition.



  4-axis wire 4CN 6-axis wire 6CN
Number of axis
X, Y, C, Q X, Y, V, B, C, Q
Number of brushless motors 4 7
Wire motor output(hp) 20 20
Wire length(m) 18.25 18.25
Block length(m) 2.60 2.60
Block width(m) 1.50 1.50
Block height(m) 1.50 1.50
Block holding carriage(m) 2.50 x 1.20 2.50 x 1.20
2 Flywheels diameter(m) each: 1.50 each: 1.50
4 wire control flywheels diameter(m) each: 0.35 each: 0.35
Table Rotation Manual at 90º 2  servo motors with anti-backlash



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