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Gangsaw 40 Blades

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Gangsaw 40 Blades


This gangsaw has a stationary block and has been designed to reach the highest downfeed speed paired with the best cutting precision

General characteristics:

  • Flywheel in two halves diameter 2.65m
  • Main battery shaft and crank made of high resistance forged steel, rotating in high quality spherical roller bearings
  • The main plummer block, made of cast steel, is completely immersed into the concrete, providing a very strong anchorage to the foundations thus enabling an operation free of vibrations which are dangerous to the machine and the diamond blades
  • The main motor is powered through a soft starter to control the starting speed and time
  • The connecting rods, made of high quality steel, guarantee a high resistance to the dynamic stresses generated
  • The main frame is totally fabricated from high strength steel, dimensioned to guarantee an absolute rigidity and stability under load
  • The sliding system is made of specially designed sliders, completely immersed in oil
  • The motorized block carrying trolley enters the machine from the side and is locked to the base. The down feed motion is driven by steel screws and alloyed nuts with trapezoidal threads, amply dimensioned.
  • The blades down feed speed variation is achieved by a group of gearboxes and clutches controlled by an inverter.
  • The nuts and sliders are equipped with safety devices that stop the machine as soon as the wear becomes excessive.
  • There is an automatic shutdown in case of drop in water pressure and in case of pressure drop in the hydraulic tensioning of the blade.

Technical Data:

Max. block width  200cm
Max. block length 320cm
Max. block height 200 cm
Number of blades 80
Output of main motor 150Hp
Output of auxiliary motors 7.5Hp
Strokes per minute 80
Down feed speed 0 to 40cm/h
Flywheel diameter 2.65 m
Flywheel speed 80 rpm
Water requirement per blade 10l/min
All guide ways are automatically lubricated
The machine includes one hydraulic tension device
Spacers for 20 and 30mm thickness cut
The machine can be delivered with 2 trolleys
Soft starter


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