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Monobloc Bridge Cutter

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Monobloc Bridge Cutter


The Monobloc bridge cutting machine SNM-FR is used for reducing marble and granite slabs into strips and tiles. It's one-frame structure and integrated tilting table allow easy and quick installation without the need for concrete foundations.


General Characteristics:

  • The complete structure is made up of hot dipped galvanized steel structure including the integrated tilting table.
  • The motor is directly mounted on the spindle.
  • The spindle unit moves vertically by means of an electric motor and reduction gear.
  • The operating head is moved back and forth along the bridge by a rack and pinion assembly driven by a reduction gear motor on oil bathed guides with steel wheels rolling on hard chrome rails.
  • Back & Forward as well as Left & Right movements have an electronic speed control.
  • Guides & drives are protected by high protective thermelly welded bellows.
  • The head rotates 0-90-0 hydraulically and tilts manually 0-45
  • In standard, the table tilts hydraulically up to 85 to facilate laoding heavy slabs
  • Suspended insulated touch screen attached to the frame provides the operator convenient access to all the controls such as water, motor rotation & motion 
  • Electric cables & tubes are supported by Nylon cable holding chains.


Diamond blade diameter  30 / 40 cm
Spindle vertical displacement 20cm
Main motor 13 Hp
Vertical displacement motor 0.5 Hp
Bridge movement motor 2 Hp
Bridge movement motor 2 Hp
Carriage movement motor 2 Hp
Table and cutting dimensions 320 × 200cm
Water consumption 20 ltrs/min
Machine overall dimensions (L×W×H)  600 x 395 x 280 cm
Machine Weight  5500 kg


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