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Universal Cutter

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Universal Cutter


The SNM-DM is a heavy duty mono-bloc cutting machine suitable for all factories working in the stone industry


The universal cutting machine is a heavy-duty high precision mono-bloc cutting machine suitable for all factories working in the stone industry.
It is easy to handle and maintenance free.

General characteristics

• Head guide ways are in hard chrome.
• Main structure is made of heavy-duty steel to ensure maximum stability and quality over time.
• Table’s sliding surface is made of very thick plates.
• Bridge is made of a very stiff box-type frame and the base of the slide ways is directly machined on it.
• Table slide ways are hardened and work in oil.
• Replacement of slide ways is quick, inexpensive and enables the machine to keep its accuracy indefinitely.
• Metal shoulders replace conventional concrete walls, facilitating installation and transport of the machine.
• Disk is directly mounted on the motor and the machine is suitable for inclined cuts from 0º to 45º.
• Driving systems inside gears are case-hardened before final grinding.
• Machine is equipped with an insulated electric panel.
• All parts are mass-produced, safe and of high quality.
• Machine has very low maintenance costs.
• Electric vertical, horizontal and lateral displacements: An articulated control pendant enables the operator to control the most important commands for the head (Back/Forward and Up/Down) and a potentiometer to control the speed for both cutting directions.


Technical Data:

Specifications DM-35-12.5 DM-50-15
Diamond blade diameter 35 / 40 cm 50 / 62.5 cm
Main motor 12.5 hp 15 hp
Head Vertical displacement 20 cm 20 cm
Head Horizontal displacement 80 cm 80 cm
Bench Length 250 / 300 cm 250 / 300 cm
Bench width 10 cm + 80 cm + 25 cm 10 cm + 80 cm + 25 cm

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