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CNC Bridge Cutter

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CNC Bridge Cutter


The SNM–FN2000 CNC bridge cutter is a high quality, technically advanced 3 axis CNC machine at a reasonable price.


General characteristics

SNM–FN2000 is fast, and easy to program for marble, granite and stone. It is capable of carrying

various types of jobs using either disks or tools.

It shapes, carves, engraves, cuts and drills. It is the ideal machine for making large door arches, profiling edges and carving fireplaces.

• The 3 interpolated axis motion is done by brushless motors coupled with extremely precise reduced backlash reduction gears.

• The table and bridge sliding devices are working in an oil bath to reduce friction and are protected by stainless steel covers.

• The table moves with a high precision rectified ball screw.

• The manual switching from a cutting disk to a bit tool is quick and easy:

- Unscrew the disk

- Remove the cone cover

- Install the cone and start.

• Manual head inclination 0º or 90 º.

• Manual turning table 0 º, 90 º, 180 º and 360 º.


X axis stroke (table) 3800 mm
Y axis stroke (carriage unit) 3200 mm
Z axis stroke (carriage unit) 900 mm / 700 mm
Table dimensions 3 meters x 1.8 meters
Tool-holder spindle motor power 25 Hp
Rotation speed of the tool-holder motor 0 - 8000 rpm
Spindle motor cone size ISO 40
Manual centralized lubrication for the ball screw Grease
Electronic hand-wheel Yes
Water requirement 35 liters / min
Compressed air pressure 6 bars
Max. total absorbed power 25 Kw
Overall Dimensions: Length x Width x Height 5.5 meters x 5.7 meters x 4.3 meters
Approximate total machine weight 7.5 tons
Maximum weight on table 10 tons
Vacuum pump Optional
Laser device Optional

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