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Precision Bridge Cutter

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Precision Bridge Cutter


The bridge cutting machine SNM-FR is used for cutting marble and granite slabs into strips and tiles.


General Characteristics:

  • The motor is directly mounted on the spindle. The spindle unit moves vertically by means of an electric motor and reduction gear.
  • The operating head is moved back and forward along the bridge by a rack and pinion assembly driven by a reduction gear motor.
  • It is installed on a slide that moves on the bridge on hard-chrome plated guides protected by suitable caters.
  • The slide movement takes place on a perfectly protected oil bathed guides and its speed is electronically tuned.
  • The heavy duty steel work table rotates manually on a completely sealed and lubricated roller bearing with a diameter of 500mm.
  • It can be locked in any position from 0° to 360° and there are two locating pins at 0° and 90°.
  • The insulated electric panel attached to the bridge provides the operator convenient access to all the controls (each function is protected by a thermal relay).
  • Electric cables and tubes are supported by nylon cable holding chains.
  • The 2-step digital preset counter and frequency inverter enables the operator to program acceleration and deceleration brakes for a precise cut with smooth moves.
  • The magnetic measuring rule with a precision of 1/10mm ensures that no mechanical clearance can ever alter the precision of the cut.

Optional Features:

  • Double table
  • Manually adjustable tilt angle at 90° of the spindle unit
  • Stainless steel covers
  • A laser beam device enables precise diamond disk alignment which is very useful especially when working unsquared pieces
  • An automatic check-size system warns the operator in case the positioning of the head is not within the preset tolerance
  • The tilting table Option reduces the down time encountered in loading and unloading slabs
  • The machine can be fitted with a copying device


Diamond blade diameter 50 / 62.5 cm
Spindle vertical displacement 20 cm
Main motor 15 / 20 / 25 or 30hp
Vertical displacement motor 0.5 hp
Bridge movement motor 1 hp
Rotary table dimensions 320 x 190 cm
Machine overall dimensions 300 x 440 x 625cm


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