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Universal Profiling

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Universal Profiling


The SNM-PM is a heavy-duty high precision mono-bloc profiling and cutting machine suitable for all factories working in the stone industry. When equipped with suitable tooling it is capable of working marble, granite, cement, etc. It is easy to handle and maintenance free. This machine is equipped with a laser device for very precise copying of profiles and has an Optional feature of two diamond blades that doubles its profiling capacity.


General Characteristics

  • Head guide ways are in hard chrome.
  • Main structure is made of heavy-duty steel to ensure maximum stability and quality over time.
  • Table's sliding surface is made of very thick plates.
  • Bridge is made of a very stiff box-type frame and the base of the slide ways is directly machined on it.
  • Table slide ways are hardened and work in oil.
  • Replacement of slide ways is quick, inexpensive and enables the machine to keep its accuracy indefinitely.
  • Metal shoulders replace conventional concrete walls, facilitating installation and transport of the machine.
  • Disk is directly mounted on the motor and the machine is suitable for inclined cuts from 0° to 45°.
  • Driving systems inside gears are case-hardened before final grinding.
  • Machine is equipped with an insulated electric panel.
  • All parts are mass-produced, safe and of high quality.
  • Machine has very low maintenance costs.
  • Electric vertical, horizontal and lateral displacements.
  • An articulated control pendant enables the operator to control the most important commands for the head (Back/Forward and Up/Down) and a potentiometer to control the speed for both cutting directions.


  PM-35-12.5 PM-50-15
Diamond blade diameter 35 / 40 cm 50 / 62.5 cm
Main motor 12.5 hp 15 hp
Head Vertical displacement 35 / 45 cm 45 / 50 cm
Head Horizontal displacement 80 cm 80 cm
Bench Length 250 / 300 cm 250 / 300 cm
Bench width 15 cm + 80 cm + 25 cm 15 cm + 80 cm + 25 cm


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